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Titus Cornelius; leader of a military group

That fought in the American Revolution.

Cornelius led a Brigade know as the Black Loyalists who sided with the British, for their promise to abolish slavery 

He and his unit of fighters in the province of New Jersey, were a part of the first group of African Americans relocated from America to colonize in Freetown Sierra Leone

Quick Fact:

Did you know that the Sierra Leoneans are the progenies of African-Americans who fought for liberation during the Revolutionary War, free themselves and established the African  Capital of Sierra Leone called, Freetown?

On Monday morning,  August 14, 2017, more than 400 people lost their lives and at least 600 people are still missing due to a mudslide in an area close to Freetown, Sierra Leone. Homes were swept away and destroyed, family members separated, and nearly 3000 individuals are homeless. As of today bodies are still being pulled up from the mud and rubble. A mass burial was planned for Wednesday, August 16, to accommodate the massive amounts of dead.

The mission of Hip Hop For Humanity (HHFH) is to awaken the spirits and activate the social creativity of hip hop culture to fulfill our responsibilities as leaders of the world. HHFH has reached out to  the Cinterandes Foundation (, as well as Salone Health Care Services (,  a non-profit, international NGO, to affect relief due to this natural disaster. These organizations have experience in immediate mobilization in times of natural disaster.

Our immediate plan is to transfer emergency funds to Sierra Leone which can be utilized by flood victims who have lost their love ones and their homes.  Our next plan of action is to ship out necessary items such as food, clothing, medication, medical equipment, shelter boxes, and other donations. Finally, we plan to put together a medical team that can travel to Sierra Leone and volunteer their time in providing medical services for flood victims.

Immediate needs include:

Water, clothing, food, shelter, medicine, air and sea transportations, personal care kits, shoes, shelter boxes, and blankets.

We are seeking donations from the corporate world as well as individuals. Please email us at for additional information.  Our fiscal sponsor Life Paradigms, Inc ( is also available to accept charitable donations.

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