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Co-Founder, Hip Hop for Humanity

Along with his twin brother Tunde Ra, TaharQa Aleem (pictured left) has been an integral part of the music and media industry.  From Anthony Hamilton to Jimi Hendrix, the Fantastic Aleems are a part of music history.  They have several platinum albums from their production and composition work for New Kids on the Block, Jimi Hendrix and many others.  TaharQa Aleem is the surviving founder of Hip Hop for Humanity.


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President/CEO - Life Paradigms, Inc.

Life Paradigms, Inc is the fiscal sponsor of HHFH.  An author, artist and educator, Fatimah Halim's commitment to youth has aligned with her creative passions for over thirty years.  Her dedication to promoting the development of women and girls is also evident in her Journey Home Program: An Arts Experience for Encarcerated Women, and in her book Blueprint for Womanhood: A Rites of Passage Handbook for Growing Girls.  For more information on Life Paradigms, Inc. click on the button below.

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